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how to order from rsmint.com

Before ordering, please familiarize yourself with the "terms & conditions" section located in the above button bar. It will give you important information regarding our general terms & conditions of sale, as well as our shipping and returns policies.
  1. Start by using the "coin categories" column to your left to access coins from different countries or areas (red), by characteristics (blue), by subject (green) or other (gray). Once a country, characteristic or subject has been selected, you might have to choose a sub-topic and scroll down to see all available items. Click on an individual item to learn more about it, and to see a larger image. Use the "coin categories" column to your left also to switch between categories.

  2. When you have found an item that you want to order, simply choose how many you want to order in the box marked "quantity" (default is 1) and click on "add to cart". Your shopping cart is always visible to the right on your screen, so that you can easily view your chosen items and total, as well as update quantities, view cart details, and clear all or some items from your cart.

  3. Please note that some articles are limited to 1 pieces per customer, which will be noted in the item text only - the system will not automatically limit your purchase. If you order more than the allowed quantity, your order will be automatically adjusted to the maximum limit.

  4. When you have finished shopping and are ready to check out, please click on the "checkout" button to your right in the shopping cart. This will take you to the page where you decide if you are a new customer or returning customer, and if you want to register an account or not. Please note that registering is NOT required to order from this web site. If you are a returning customer that has an account with rsm, please login with your username and password to proceed with the order. Your stored information will automatically appear in the required fields for billing and shipping. If you are a new customer, please choose either "new customers" or "international customers" to proceed with the order, and on the next page you are asked to fill in the billing and shipping information. After you have entered the necessary information for the order, you will be asked if you want to create a customer account so that you can receive order emails and check the order status. If you do, please choose a username and password. If you don't, simply leave blank and proceed as a guest. Please remember that credit card information will not be stored automatically in the system. Please enter also any discount or gift certificate codes applicable to the order and click the "next" button.

  5. On the next screen you will choose shipping method. This is a flat fee for all domestic customers so not much effort is required. International customers must choose between insured or uninsured shipping to the correct country or region, and sometimes between priority mail and express mail service. Insurance is included in the charge shown on the screen, but if you require more coverage than indicated please indicate so in the area for "special instructions" below the shipping charges. Please note that you can change the quantities in your cart after choosing shipping method as the shipping charge will be automatically updated to reflect your new choices.

  6. Last, you are asked how you want to pay for your purchase. The default is credit card, so please proceed with the 16 digit visa or mastercard number in the appropriate field. Please note that the expiration date is entered as 4 running digits, without the customary slash in between. US customers who wish to pay by personal check or money order can choose to do so by clicking on the button marked "click here to view" under the section "pay with check/money order". When finished, please click the button "place your order" only once and wait for confirmation of your order.

  7. Please note that credit card payments are not processed automatically, but rather manually as close to the date when shipping physically occurs as possible.

  8. Users of the INTERNET EXPLORER and OPERA web browsers should not have any problems getting the order confirmation page to appear automatically after clicking the "place your order" button, but users of FIREFOX might be automatically redirected to the home page instead of being shown the order confirmation page. Rest assured that your order still has been received, and that it will be confirmed by email to the address that you registered your account with or used when placing your order.
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