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frequently asked questions

Q: Does RSM have a storefront I can visit if I find myself in Salt Lake City?
A: Regrettably, no. By contacting us ahead of time, you can pick up items from our mailing house, or we can have larger orders delivered to your hotel or place of stay.

Q: Can RSM help me determine the value of my coin or collection?
A: No. Determining the value of a coin most often involves physically looking at the quality of the coin, and noticing flaws or other factors that will lessen or increase its value. RSM does not appraise the value of coins, as we do not have the capacity or formal experience to judge a coins quality in minute detail. Therefore, we suggest that you bring your coin to several coin dealers for appraisal, as the results may vary from one dealer to the next. Check your local telephone directory to find coin dealers in your area, or refer to advertisements from reputable appraisers in publications such as Coin World, the Numismatist, Numismatic News or World Coin News.

Q: Where can I purchase a coin or coin set that is not featured at rsmint.com or scandmint.com?
A: RSM mainly deals in current and semi-current issues from countries outside of the USA and Canada. For previous releases, or issues that are sold out because of strong demand, we suggest you contact us so that we can refer this to our supplier network to see if the item is available in the secondary market. Please be advised that the secondary market often requires that a premium price has to be paid for the purchase.

Q: Why does RSM not offer single circulation coins or banknotes?
A: RSM mostly purchases products directly from commercial national mints or central banks with their own commercial departments. In most countries, the national currency is the property of the central bank, and mints have to buy coins back from the central bank in order to produce and market coin sets, proof sets, commemorative coins etc. The seignorage (the difference between cost price and face value) is the profit for the Central Bank, and the selling price to the national mints is most commonly the face value of the currency. As the profit in the sales of regular circulating coins therefore belongs to the Central Bank, most mints do not actively market coins in rolls, bags, lots etc. where there is no added value. Banknotes are most often handled directly by the Central Banks for direct distribution to national commercial banks, and commercial activity is therefore very limited.

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