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2022 Lithuania €1.5 UNC Coin "Tales from My Childhood: Zuikis Puikis"

RSM Price: $6.95
3 available
Item Number: LT22BMBU
  • Mint: Lithuanian Mint
  • Denomination: €1.5
  • Quality: UNC
  • Issue limit: 30,000 pcs.
  • Alloy: Base metal
  • Diameter: 27.5 mm
  • Weight: 11.1 grams
  • Design: Eglė Ratkutė-Žemaitė
  • Box/Capsule: No/No
  • Certificate: No

Additional Information

Please click here for the official web page in English!

The reverse shows the fairy tale character Zuikis Puikis on his way to school, distracted by various fun activities until the path finally curves away leading to number 2 (meaning that Zuikis Puikis gets a low grade – two). The impression is enhanced by his friends having fun together – forest animals telling the plot of this fairy tale.

The obverse, like the other coins in the series, features a knitted pattern with the fairy tale motif: in this case, Zuikis Puikis learning the letters from A to Ž. At the bottom of the knit is a knitted inscription ‘Lithuania’ and a symbolic silhouette of the Vytis. In the background behind the knit are stars on a cosy evening with a growing moon as a child is listening to the fairy tale told/knitted to her.

The knitted element and the various phases of the moon will be a common feature of all the coins in this series.

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