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2022 Greece €2 UNC Coin "Greek Constitution 200 Years"

RSM Price: $5.60
40 available
Item Number: HE22BMBU3
  • Mint: Greek Mint
  • Denomination: €2
  • Quality: UNC
  • Issue limit: 745,000
  • Alloy: Base Metal
  • Diameter: 25.75 mm
  • Weight: 8.5 grams
  • Design:
  • Box/Capsule:
  • Certificate:

Additional Information

Please click here for the official web page in English!

2022 marks the bicentenary anniversary of the first constitution written and adopted during Greece’s revolution to achieve independence. One year earlier Greeks rose in defiance of Ottoman rule, which had been in place for nearly four centuries, and declared their freedom. Full and internationally recognised independence was not achieved until 1830. However, during this time, a constitution was adopted by the First National Assembly, the precursor to the Greek parliament, on the January 1, 1822.

The text of the document is attributed to Vincenzo Gallina (1795-1842), an Italian and Philhellene originally from Ravenna who had participated in uprisings in his homeland and, as a consequence, was exiled to Greece. Along with Greek resistant leaders Anastasios Polyzoidis, Theodoros Negris, and Alexandros Mavrokordatos, he drafted the document of what became regarded as the first constitution. Comprised of four parts and 109 articles, the document referenced religious and civil rights, administrative issues, the duties of the legislature, and the duties of the executive.

The obverse depicts a traditional Hellenic temple, dedicated to the chief Greek deity, Zeus. The reverse shows the standard design which includes a map of the European continent and the numeral 2 and EURO superimposed over the map.

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