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2018 United Kingdom £2 BU Coin "Captain James Cook's Voyage of Discovery 250 Years"

RSM Price: $0.00
This item is unfortunately out of stock!
Item Number: 18UKBMBU13
  • Mint: British Royal Mint
  • Denomination: £2
  • Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Issue limit: N/A
  • Alloy: Base Metal
  • Diameter: 28.40 mm
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Artist: Gary Breeze/Jody Clark
  • Box/Capsule: No/Blister
  • Certificate: Printed Folder

Additional Information

Please click here for an external web page in English!

This is the first coin in a three-year, three-coin series that will follow Captain Cook’s voyage of discovery.

Together, the coins carry three intriguing designs, which combine to create a single, complete image that tells the story of Captain Cook’s voyage.

It also features a unique puzzle-style packaging that builds over three years to tell Captain Cook’s story.

In August 1768, Captain James Cook and his crew set sail on HM Bark Endeavour, commencing what would become a three-year voyage of discovery. It was the first of three such journeys for the intrepid pioneer, during which he would circumnavigate the world twice. His spirit of adventure helped to fill in the blanks on the world map and improve our knowledge of new places, peoples, plants and even other planets.

250 years ago, the spirit of adventure of a determined man from a humble background greatly expanded our scientific and cultural understanding of the world. Captain James Cook’s first voyage of discovery began on 25 August 1768 when he set sail from Plymouth aboard HM Bark Endeavour. His main objective was to record people, places and plants while also improving our understanding of a world beyond our own by observing the Transit of Venus from Tahiti. But he also carried a second set of orders in a sealed envelope that was not to be opened until the observation from Tahiti had been completed.

5,000 miles from Plymouth, Captain Cook crossed the equator, reaching Rio de Janeiro in November 1768.

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