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2015 Denmark 20kr Commemorative Coin Issue "Queen Margrethe's 75th Birthday"

Product Options

RSM Price: $7.95
  • Mint: Royal Danish Mint
  • Denomination: 20 Kroner
  • Quality: UNC/Proof
  • Issue limit: N/A
  • Alloy: Aluminum-bronze
  • Diameter: 27 mm
  • Weight: 9.3 grams
  • Reverse Design: Jeanette Skov Jensen
  • Obverse Design: Henrik Wiberg
  • Box/Capsule: No/No
  • Certificate: No

Additional Information

Please click here for an external web page in English!

Issued on April 8, this commemorative coin marks Queen Margrethe II of Denmark's 75th birthday on April 16, and follows a Danish tradition of issuing commemorative coins to mark special events in the royal family.

By choice of the Queen, the obverse will feature a new portrait with a personal focus, showing a private side of the Queen without tiara or jewelry. The design will be revealed on April 8. The portrait of the Queen will be in three quarters profile and has a thoughtful and proud view into both the past and future.

The reverse is inspired by the Queen's beautiful watercolors with motives from Denmark. The motif changes between horizon and vertical lines, the weather, and daytime and seasons – and as "an extra layer" the Queen's personal signature is shown.

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