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2007 Finland €2 UNC "1917 Independence"

RSM Price: $10.00
Item Number: FI07BMBU3
  • Mint: Mint of Finland
  • Denomination: €2
  • Quality: Uncirculated
  • Issue limit: 2 million pcs.
  • Alloy: Base Metal
  • Diameter: 25.75 mm
  • Weight: 8.5 grams
  • Box/Capsule: No/No
  • Certificate: No
This issue celebrates the 90th anniversary of independence in Finland.

Finland was an autonomous Grand Duchy in the Russian Empire from 1809 until the end of 1917. During the years of Russian rule the degree of autonomy varied. Periods of censorship and political prosecution occurred, particularly in the two last decades of Russian control, but the Finnish peasantry remained free, unlike their Russian counterparts. On November 15, 1917, the Bolsheviks in Russia declared a general right of self-determination, including the right of complete secession, "for the People of Russia". On the same day the Finnish Parliament issued a declaration by which it assumed all powers of sovereignty in Finland. The Finnish Parliament declared independence on December 6, 1917, which was recognized by the Soviet government on December 18 and approved on December 22.

However, many Finns were loyal to the old Russian Tsarist state, and from January to May 1918, Finland experienced the brief but bitter Finnish Civil War that colored domestic politics and the foreign relations of Finland for many years. On the one side there were the "whites", who fought for anti-Socialism. On the other side fought the "reds", which consisted of workers and tenant farmers. The defeat of the "reds" was achieved with support from Imperial Germany, and only Germany's defeat in World War I saved Finland from becoming a German satellite state. Had the "reds" won, Finland would have eventually become a part of the emerging Soviet communist state.

The reverse shows petroglyph aesthetics, and the obverse has a nine-oar boat with rowers as a symbol of a true Finnish trait: collaboration. Looking carefully, you can also distinguish signs of music and Finnish zitherin strings in the coin's design. The artist leaves a closer interpretation of the design to the viewer.

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